Become a Paint Social Venue

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Become a Paint Social Venue

Join our growing list of popular venues! We want your establishment be the center of a fun filled evening that people will talk about over and over again at work, with family/friends and on social media. What Paint Social does for your business:

  • We bring foot traffic into your establishment on a slow night at NO cost to you!
  • We transform your unused space into an event full of painting customers!
  • Your establishment listed on Paint Social Art's web site & social media.
  • Increased Sales – Paint Social Art participants will enjoy your menu and bar selections
  • Guest check averages will be higher with a proactive server or bartender walking through the event asking for new drink orders during Paint Social Art events.

What to Expect

  • The event is usually 2 hours and is taught by our fun-loving, outgoing Artist
  • Usually starts at 7pm and ends around 9pm
  • We play our own music during the event
  • Artist uses a mic so everyone can hear well
  • We arrive 1 hour before to set up and stay 1 hour after to clean up
  • We cover your tables with a protective table covering and provide all supplies
  • No need for additional servers/bartenders - Use your existing scheduled staff

What Paint Social needs:

  • Tables cleared of all silverware, condiments and table tents.
  • A dedicated area with tables and chairs arranged according to the pre-discussed floor plan prior to the artist arriving
  • It’s best to have a separate area so we do not disturb non-participants
  • Bright lights! - Please turn up the lights during Paint Social Art events

What we need to market:

  • 4-6 weeks to promote the first event
  • Signage posted in your establishment with event info
  • Post events on your FB page and/or web site 
  • Consistency - Same time, same place!! Schedule regular events

We look forward to working together with you!! Contact us for more information